Never leave your man hungry, nor horny.


You asked me when I really realized that I was in love with you. I’m sorry, that I can’t piece together the right words for you like I’ve done countless times before. There are too few words that equate with what I feel for you, and what you mean to me. And I don’t want to be just words with you. Not like I how was in the past. I do my best in hopes that you see it. But if I had to answer you, all I can really tell you is that, I found myself not wanting to wake up one day, and find out what my life would be like if you weren’t there anymore. I don’t ever want to miss you like that.

*tries to get eight hours sleep in 3 hours*

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My favorite girl.

I’ve lost track of the days I’ve been away.
Been caught up in my own life, getting my shit together. 
Working to barely cover my bills. 
Taking my girlfriend out on a wide variety of dates. 
Spent my very first anniversary ever with her.
It’s going to be 14 months soon. 
I still haven’t written anything for her, which bugs the crap out of me.

But I finally made choices that I’m happy with.
I’ve been out of school practically since I graduated high school.
I’m not going back just yet.
Actually, I finally got up off my ass, and started the process in order to join the Air Force.
Got a 93 on my ASVAB (which anyone can do BTW).
So I’ll have a lot of options.
I decided to go for Air Force Pararescue Jumper.
It’s really hard to get into. 
9 out of 10 candidates fail the course.
And if that doesn’t work out, I’ll look into something else. 
No, my girlfriend is exactly thrilled that I want to be gone for six years.
But in all honesty, this is for me. 

Right now, you can see me at Cha For Tea in Alhambra if you’re a SoCal local. 
I can’t stand half the customers that come in.
They’re stuck up, and a pain in my ass.
But I’ll be there for a while to kill time before I ship out to basic training.
I don’t know when that will be yet. 
That’s really my main focus.
So, yeah.

My life at the moment, is good.

ohhcj: Hey do you still have your posts from way back? Like 2009 or something like that.

lol dude they’re long gone.

ev0l: damn bae wtf happened to you?


kissesforyourlovin: Dude I've missed your posts. I thought you were done with tumblr. I hope you're soon well.

Thank you ^_^ 

We’ll see.

Anonymous: I miss you. You never write anymore.

One day.

I don’t remember what it’s like to write anymore.